Who Is Actor Alexis Bellefeuille? Learn About His Family Bio Wiki And Instagram Photos

Know about Alexis Bellefeuille Wikipedia, Is a Voice actor. Here is all the information you might want to know about his daily life. 

Alexis Bellefeuille is a voice actor who created his voice as a cast role person in the movie. 

He was invited to many movies, for instance, Stonewall in the year 2015 as an uncredited Mattachine Society Member, Germain s'eteint [TV Mini-Series 2019], Street Legal [ TV Series 2019], and Midway [2019]. 

In the year 2022, Alexis plays as a voice actor in the movie named "Moonfall" as an uncredited Pentagon Military Staff. 

Keeping his professional voice ability towards to the public from the movies, let's get to know Alexis and his family a little better. 

Who Is Actor Alexis Bellefeuille?

Alexis Bellefeuille is a voice actor who is currently in the age range between 25 to 35 years old. 

Alexis' ethnicity is European Descent. His height is 6 feet 2 inches and 182cm tall. He was born into a middle-class family. 

His father works in animation movies with his vocal ability. His mother is a housewife. 


Alexis Bellefeuille Family

There aren't family details that he has put information on any social media. 

Alexis's father and mother gave born and raised him on the European continent. He was encouraged by his dad while he was so small at his age. 

As a voice actor, Alexis's father plays numerous movies as a casting role in different movies. His mother is a housewife. 

According to the data analysis, there isn't much information about his siblings, parents, and girlfriend through social media or any circumstances. 

He kept his family background because of his passion for his works and continued to focus as a voice actor. 

Every fan wants to know about his family. So, there is hope that someday he introduced his family through social media. 


 Alexis Bellefeuille Bio

Alexis Bellefeuille, who is currently how many years old he didn't explain in any social media or an interview takes him. 

His color of hair is blond and his eyes blue. And his weight is at around 180lbs or 82kg. 

He has a clubhouse member of this channel and has 378 followers and 912 followers.

 An actress was registered on the year January 16, 912 to the clip 

Meet Alexis Bellefeuille On Instagram

Alexis Bellefeuille has an Instagram handle under the username @alexbellefeuillevo. He has 955 followers on his IG account. 

Through his voice actor, many people are still don't know the real person. In his IG handle, he often posts videos of animation movies casting roles in a short period of time. He posts photos of himself on his Instagram. 

Alexis Bellefeuille has a Twitter account under the username @abellefeuillevo. He has only 11 followers on his Twitter because everyone doesn't know who he is now!. He joined his account in the year 2021 in April month. 

A voice actor Alexis Bellefeuille has a TikTok account under the username @alexbellefeuillevo. He has 78 followers and 119 followings. He posts only 3 of them as a voice actor based in Montreal. 

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