Actor Sean Rigby Weight Loss Journey And Reasons With His Diet And Workout Routine

Sean Rigby made his acting debut in 2015 and has five acting credits to his name. ( Source : Twitter )

Sean Rigby, a British actor, is known for the role of Jim Strange, his first-ever mainstream TV acting role.

Making his debut in the entertainment industry in 2015, he firstly appeared in the short movie Isabella and portrayed the role of Henry. Later, he gradually got to work in mini-series and other television series.

One of the series is Gunpowder, where he appeared as Lord Monteagle. In after this, he showed off his acting skills in Endeavour and garbed the audience's hearts with his character portrayal as DS Jim Strange or PC Jim Strange, or Sergeant Jim Strange.

New to acting, Rigby graduated from LAMDA in 2012 (London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art). Likewise, he is also one of the founders of a company called Soggy Arts. His founded company makes independent films and offers acting workshops for prospective actors and actresses. 

Actor Sean Rigby Weight Loss Journey -Before And After Photos

Sean Rigby's weight loss and his body being slimmer can be noticeably seen in the latest series. It can also be seen after comparing his before and after photos, which give a clear answer to him slimming down now. 

It is reportedly found that he made this move after his doctor told him he had high cholesterol levels due to being overweight. As a result, he started a diet plan with healthy recipes so he could get back into shape.

After seeing him in Endeavour as Strange, his audience instantly notices that he has lost a lot of weight. Some of his fans even commented online, stating that they misunderstood Sean with another person. They thought that the productions had changed actors after seeing him not so fat as before.

According to the Secure Weight loss site, he has lost some extra pounds and went from being overweight to losing almost 87 lbs in a short period of time and became half the man he used to be.

Sean Rigby Reasons Behind Weight Loss 

Sean Rigby's reason behind his walking on the path to a weight-loss journey might probably be to adopt a healthy lifestyle.

As the medical professionals state that being overweight or obese puts people at risk and pull close to many serious health conditions. Some of those issues detected in later phases are diabetes and sleep apnea, and it even increases the risk of cancer and makes people more prone to illness.

Standing at 6 feet (1.83 m), Rigby has lost noticeable weight on his journey of transformation from fat to fit.

Nonetheless, despite him looking thin or fat, part of his fans have shared compliments telling him that he looks relatively healthy, and fit now if compared with his past chubby self. On the contrary, some of his fans noted that he looks ill now, and they preferred him when he was chubby.

What Is Sean Rigby Diet And Workout Routine?

Perhaps, Sean Rigby's diet might be healthy balanced food intake and proper eating food timing. 

In fact, we are unaware about his workout routine, or any yoga, morning walks, and meditation approach to losing weight. Nevertheless, no matter what approach he followed, it worked, and the changes could be clearly seen in his physical body.

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