ACookieGod, formerly known as CookieExploresMC, is a Canadian Youtuber known for making Minecraft-related videos.

The Youtuber has also gained prominence for his trolling, challenges, commentaries, and tutorials related to Minecraft.

ACookieGod has amassed 2.87 million subscribers through the 119 videos on his channel related to Minecraft.

Minecraft is a sandbox video game created by Swedish video game programmer Markus "Notch" Persson and developed by Mojang Studios.

From its first public appearance in May 2009 to its release in November 2011, Minecraft has become the best-selling video game of all time. 

The game has sold over 238 million copies and nearly 140 million active monthly players as of 2021.

It has also inspired many people to make Youtube channels dedicated to playing the game due to its malleable nature. There's just a lot to do on Minecraft.

From crafting materials from virtually infinite terrain, building structures and simple machines, fighting hostile mobs, and competing with other players in the same world, there is no shortage of content to be made from Minecraft.

The game has two modes to choose from, Survival and Creative mode. The former is where a player must acquire resources to build a world and maintain health, while in the latter, the player has unlimited resources and flight.

Quick Info

Net Worth:$399,000
Date of Birth:May 30, 1997
Place of Birth:Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Date Joined:November 28, 2016
Subscribers: 2.87 Million
Years Active:2013 - Present

Has ACookieGod Done A Face Reveal?

Minecraft Youtuber ACookieGod has not done a face reveal, and his face is unavailable on the Internet. 

Despite his open and jokey personality, ACookieGod is a very private person who has not shared any information about himself on the Internet.

The Youtuber's Twitter is filled with random thoughts; although he does tweet about his personal life from time to time, they are very nondescript. 

For example, the last time he tweeted anything related to his personal life was on August 12, 2022, when he mentioned that he was moving out and living alone. However, he followed that up by asking people what he should eat.

ACookieGod peddled this image as his face but it turned out to be Youtuber MrBalcom
Source : youtube

This tweet is an example of whether ACookieGod is ever serious on his social media platforms or not.

The Youtuber's Instagram is also very spare and, at the time of the writing of this article, only has six posts on it. 

The first post is a page from his notebook showing his life dreams, the second and the third posts are of his merch, the fourth post is of his cat, the fifth is his Youtube subscriber count plaques, and the last post is of him playing Minecraft.

What Is ACookieGod's Real Name?

Minecraft Youtuber ACookieGod has not mentioned his real name anywhere on the Internet.

As mentioned above, the Youtuber is very private about his life, and his real name is no different. 

The Youtuber has made his entire online persona be completely about Minecraft, and it has worked. As far as most of his fans are concerned, the Youtuber is an entity that only lives in Minecraft.

The decision has also helped his channel grow as the Youtuber has not only amassed millions of subscribers, but his highest view count on any one video is 20 million on a video titled "I Survived 100 Days on ONE BLOCK in Minecraft."

This is ACookieGod's avatar on Minecraft.
Source : minecraftskins

More than a hundred videos on the Youtuber's channel have reached or surpassed a million views. Only fourteen videos out of the 119 videos on his channel have not reached a million views.

This achievement is staggering as ACookieGod's channel is one of the few with more hits than misses. Those videos that missed the million mark are also flukes, as even his recent videos have crossed a million.

His most recent video, released four days before the writing of this article, has already reached 1.6 million views.

How Much Is ACookieGod's Net Worth?

Minecraft Youtuber ACookieGod has an estimated net worth of approximately $399K as of 2022.

His net worth is impressive for a creator who not only does not reveal his face and identity but does not do any sponsorships. 

Besides his main channel, ACookieGod has a second channel called ExtraCookie, which has 147K subscribers.

Most creators on Youtuber or any other platform eventually reveal their faces or disappear, but ACookieGod has consistently released videos since June 1, 2013. 

The only problem with calculating the exact time the Youtuber has been on the website is that he has deleted and overhauled many of his past content.

An example of aCookieGod's youtube video's thumbnails.
Source : youtube

However, when looking at his current channel, the Youtuber reached a thousand subscribers on May 21, 2020, and just shy of a year later, on May 1, 2021, he reached a million subscribers. 

The kind of growth the Youtuber has had is proof of his consistency. Outside of Youtube, ACookieGod has Twitter, Twitch, and Instagram. He has 25.9K followers on Twitter, 20K on Twitch, and 23.7K followers on Instagram.

Another source of his income is his Patreon. However, the Youtuber has turned his Patreons off for the foreseeable future. 

As one of the most successful Minecraft creators on Youtube, ACookieGod is doing well for himself, and if his view count is any indication, his success will only keep increasing.

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