Who Is Aaron Dunton From Higley High School? Former Teacher Facing Charges Of Dating Underage Students

Gilbert Police Department has not revealed the face of the accused.
Gilbert Police Department has not revealed the face of the accused.( Source : twitter )

Aaron Dunton is the notorious former Higley High School whose name has got embroiled in an inappropriate relationship case with an underage student.

Gilbert Police Department published the news on June 16, shocking the whole school district and state. The case is currently undergoing legal procedures while the investigations have been held since April.

Dunton's arrest came after months-long investigation as his victims are underage. Aside from the recent allegations, the Gilbert Police further reported that another victim of his has come forward.

The critical intensity of this case has panicked the public as such cases have appalled the whole nation every day. 

According to The Blaze, Fox News analyzed the news stories and recorded 135 educators being arrested from January 1 to May 13 for child sex crimes in the U.S. The research also concluded that most of the offenders were men, as 102 male teachers were charged, accounting for 76% of all the crimes against children.

AZ Family reports Aaron Dunton was taken into custody at 10 a.m. on Thursday.
AZ Family reports Aaron Dunton was taken into custody at 10 a.m. on Thursday.( Source : azfamily )

For sure, the number of such cases has gone up till mid-June while many incidents have come forward, shocking the nation.

Gilbert Police Arrest High School Teacher Aaron Dunton

Aaron Dunton was arrested on Thursday at 10 a.m. while the police notified the public of his arrest.

The investigations took about two months before taking the perpetrator into custody. Gilbert Police Department has yet to release the complete identification of the former high school teacher.

AZ Family writes that Dunton has reportedly resigned from his position at the school. The incident has publicly hit the whole school while the school administrators have notified about the incident to the parents via email throughout the district.

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Initially, the police were informed of a Higley High School, having an inappropriate relationship with a 14-year-old student from the school. Amidst the investigations, the law officials also came to know of another student who was involved with Dunton.

As the case's severity involves minors, the law officials have not released the two alleged victims' identities. However, their parents are well-informed of the incident and Dunton's arrest.

Both the law officials and the Higley High School Department have joined hands to look into such allegations and filter the accused who have committed inappropriate actions.

After the school department had confirmed the allegations' trueness, Dunton had cut off his ties with the school. However, further insiders on his whereabouts were not shared with the media and public until his arrest on Thursday.

Higley High School is situated in Gilbert, Arizona, run by the Higley Unified School District.
Higley High School is situated in Gilbert, Arizona, run by the Higley Unified School District.( Source : wikiwand )

Higley High School is situated at 4068 East Pecos Road in Gilbert, Arizona. It is one of two high schools run by the Higley Unified School District and one of the area's well-known schools.

Higley School has existed since 2001 and is prominent for its win at 5A State Title on May 11, 2018. Higley's Varsity Boys Volleyball team, led by Head Coach Andrew Yamashiro had defeated American Leadership Academy's Queen Creek with a 3–2 point lead.

Aaron Dunton Is Charged With Underage Relationships

Aaron Dunton's arrest came after accusations of him being involved in an unfitting relationship were confirmed in the police investigations. Thus, he has been charged with several counts of charges after his arrest.

Fox 10 confirms that the former high school teacher now faces numerous charges, including four counts of aggravated assault, one count of witness tampering, and two counts of contributing to delinquency and dependency.

The charges are the inclusion of both cases' claims. In the recent one, Aaron had been involved with a minor. Likewise, his other victim alleges that they were also involved in the same "incidents" when Dunton was a teacher at Power Ranch Elementary in 2019.

The elementary school falls in the same district as Higley High School. The police verified that the victim was 11 when the incidents occurred.

With such menacing charges lurking behind him, Dunton will be booked into a Maricopa County Jail. If pled guilty, the accused will be sentenced under the ARS 13-3554 law provision of the Arizona state.

Gurion Legal further confirms that if the minor is under the age of 15, luring a minor for sexual conduct is a Dangerous Crime Against Children (DCAC) as it is subject to the enhanced sentencing scheme in ARS 13-705.

The convicted could face a life sentence at maximum, while there are other conditions for such a grave crime.

In the current Higley High School incident, the Gilbert Police have not yet shared the accused's statement and defense statements. Updates on Dunton's upcoming decision to fight the case have yet to reel in.

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Aaron Dunton's Wife & Family Are Silent 

Aaron Dunton has not made any decision yet, on whether to accept the charges or fight them back in court. His side of the story is further to be shared with the media and public.

While the school's parents are informed of the incident and are enraged at the case, any insiders into Dunton's side are not on display.

As the news got out, Dunton's wife and family information have become a broad subject of interest for the public and netizens. The whole of Arizona state is on the stand to get to know more about Dunton and his family details. 

Presently, any media outlet is still far behind in reporting on Dunton's marital status and his family background.

Moreover, the complete public photo release of the 35-year-old booked into the DASC case for identification has been halted.

Hence, Dunton's associates and his family intel still lag behind his arrest news. Dunton's household had been satisfied with his accomplishments as an educator, associate football trainer, and worker softball trainer at the Higley High School.

The accused, Aaron Dunton, had started his term with the high school on June 19, 2021, but resigned soon after the news of his inappropriate relationship was made public.

Nevertheless, the notorious Dunton's complete details of his life and works along with his betrothed and family will follow closely. The story of his misdeeds has reached far and wide for his ill-fame.

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