9News: Why Fans Think Danielle Grant Is Pregnant With First Child!

Danielle is rumored to be pregnant. ( Source : Instagram )

9 NEWS meteorologist Danielle Grant is rumored to be pregnant. How much truth doe the rumor contain? Let's find out.

Danielle Grant has been Colorado's weather forecaster for quite a while now. When she is not working, she likes to spend time with her family and go out on a hike.

Is Danielle Grant Pregnant Or Gained Weight?

It is confirmed that Danielle Grant is pregnant with her first child. The 9 News meteorologist recently announced her pregnancy in an Instagram post. However, her weight gain is not clearly visible as of now.

Grant posted on Instagram that she and her husband Bill are going to be parents to a baby girl. In the photo, the couple is seen sitting in a grassy field with their dog Walter, and Bill is holding the picture of the ultrasound.

Rumors that Grant was pregnant was spreading for about a month now. But no official confirmation was yet done by neither Danielle nor Bill. But the recent announcement all but confirms the rumor.

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Danielle shared that the couple struggled with infertility and miscarriage in the past. She recalls the heartbreak and tough road and offers her prayers to those who are still struggling to have a baby. She ended her post by revealing that the baby girl is due on thanksgiving.

Danielle recently shared the news of her pregnancy on social media.
Danielle recently shared the news of her pregnancy on social media. ( Source : Instagram )

Danielle Grant Husband

Danielle Grant is married to Bill Reddick. He is the Digital Sales Enablement Specialist at Ping Identity. 

Bill is currently 37 years old and was born in July 1984 in Idaho. He studied at Bonneville High School and studied Computer Science at ITT Tech Boise. He also studied at Idaho State University.

Reddick is also a videographer who works as a freelancer in his own company, the bill directs. He previously worked at Niolabs and Fox 31 KDVR.

Danielle and her husband Bill are expecting their first child.
Danielle and her husband Bill are expecting their first child. ( Source : Instagram )

Danielle Grant's Net Worth In 2022

The exact net worth of Danielle Grant is yet unknown. However, it is estimated to be a couple of hundred thousand dollars.

Danielle is a meteorologist for 9 News who has a successful career. She is regularly seen on television predicting the ever-changing weather of Colorado.

Also, Danielle was the Dancing with the Anchors 2019 winner with her dance partner Michael Hoover. The dance competition is held to raise money for Anchor Center for Blind Children. Danielle has returned to the 2022 competition with her new dancing partner Ezra Cespedes and has already raised $28,000.

Danielle Grant Age Wiki And Instagram

Danielle Grant is currently 36 years old. She was born in August 1985.

Grant loves traveling and frequently goes out hiking with her husband. She also likes paddle boarding and snowboarding, along with horse riding, cooking, and yoga.

Danielle Grant can be found on Instagram as @thewxwoman and has more than 17K followers.

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