60 Minutes: Did Leslie Stahl Undergo Facelift? American journalist's New Look Explored

There have been countless rumors about the award-winning American journalist, Leslie Stahl, getting a Facelift, as the 80-year-old Stahl still looks younger than most media personalities. 

Leslie Stahl is an American journalist widely known for her television investigations and reporting on CBS's 60 minutes. She began her career with CBS news in 1971.

Before she joined the 60 minutes in 1991, Stahl served as a CBS News White House Correspondent and was the first woman to ever hold the job during the presidency of Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan, and part term of George W. Bush. 

She is a walking history in journalism, although her ever-young looks would say otherwise. 

Did Leslie Stahl Undergo Facelift? 

It is a matter of huge responsibility to carry on her task even at 80. To keep up with her work and her media presence, it is rumored that the journalist had undergone a Facelift to make her appear much younger than her actual age. 

With her long experience in journalism, Leslie Stahl has gained immense popularity and respect from her audiences. 

Although the news about her plastic surgery is not disclosed officially, the fans and followers have suspicions regarding her unfathomable youth.


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Leslie Stahl: Before And After Plastic Surgery

Despite being 80, Leslie Stahl has no signs of wrinkles or saggy skin on her face.

It is concluded that she has undergone a combination of Facelift, Necklift, and Botox to maintain her youthful look. 

She shares pictures of her grandchildren on her Twitter @LesleyRStahl, where she looks almost as if she is their mother and not grandma. 


Who Is Leslie Stahl? 

Leslie Stahl was born into a Jewish on December 16, 1941, in Lynn, Massachusetts. Her parents, Louis E. and Dorothy J. Stahl, raised her in Swampscott, Massachusetts.

She attended Wheaton College, where she graduated with an honors degree in History. 

She has made some historically significant reports and investigations, including the enhanced interrogation methods against Al Qaeda during the Iraq War, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, etc. She gained media highlight in 2020 through her interview with former US President Donald Trump. 

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