22-year-old Bishop E Evans Who Died Trying To Save Drowning Two Migrants

( Source : Chron )

Specialist Bishop E. Evans, 22, of Arlington, Texas, was named as the Texas National Guard member who died trying to help accused drug smugglers in the Rio Grande River on Sunday.

Evans' body is still missing after he jumped into the water and swam across Texas and Mexico in an attempt to save two guys from a raging tide on Friday.

Following the publication of the deceased's name, Republican Texas Representative Chip Roy tweeted a rest in peace statement.

Did Bishop E Evans Drown To Death?

The Texas National Guard soldier who went missing while attempting to rescue migrants in a river at the US-Mexico border has been identified as a 22-year-old Arlington resident.

Specialist Bishop E. Evans, a member of the Texas Army National Guard, has been missing since Friday morning. In May of this year, Evans enlisted in the Texas Army National Guard.

He dove into the Rio Grande near Eagle Pass to save two migrants who appeared to be drowning in the fast-moving current.

Evans abandoned his gear on the beach and never returned. Since Texas Governor Greg Abbott launched Operation Lone Star in March 2021, he could be the first guardsman to die.

Officials say both of the migrants he was attempting to help made it to the coast and were apprehended by the Border Patrol. The migrants were allegedly involved in illegal transnational narcotics trafficking, according to the authorities.

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Bishop E Evans' Photographs Revealed By The Texas Military Department

Images of the soldier who went missing while attempting to save migrants crossing a river at Eagle Pass have been released by the Texas Army National Guard.

On Friday night, the department alerted the soldier's family of his disappearance. The search for the missing TMD soldier will continue until all available resources have been exhausted, according to the statement.

Image of Bishop E Evan who went missing
Image of Bishop E Evan who went missing

The Texas Military Department appreciates all interagency partners' continuing assistance in searching for our missing soldier.

The power of the river forced the rescue mission to stop on Friday night, but it restarted on Saturday, according to a Military Department official.

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Is Bishop E Evan's Body Recovered?

According to a Texas Military Department news statement, the 22-year-old soldier got into the water near Eagle Pass, Texas, on Friday and has not been seen since. Evans is now thought to have drowned.

On Saturday, multiple agencies looked for the soldier and would continue to do so until all available resources have been used.

When the military member jumped to their aid, it's unknown if he was aware of their alleged illicit activities. The guardsman was part of Texas Governor Greg Abbott's Operation Lone Star effort, which intended to combat illegal border crossings and drug trafficking.

The soldier had not been discovered as of Sunday afternoon. The family of the guy has been alerted of his disappearance.

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